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Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries

Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system designed to maximize your home’s energy independence.

That means seamless backup and a smaller carbon footprint for your home, and potentially savings on your electricity bill. 

Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power your home during peak times, outages, and at night.

The Powerwall can recharge from solar or by the grid during off-peak hours to reduce costs. During power outages, solar panels will continue to charge the Powerwall and the house.

Before options like this, you’d have to rely on large, expensive battery banks, and additional energy would be wasted or sent back to the grid if that was an option in your area.

Sinewave Inverters, Battery Chargers, DC/DC Converters, Battery Monitors and More

Victron Energy based in the Netherlands, has been manufacturing power conversion equipment since 1975 and become well known around the world for producing reliable off-grid battery inverter/chargers and a wide range of quality, affordable solar controllers. 

Victron Energy’s products are widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power.

Batteries & Battery Storage Solutions

21st century power storage & delivery transported through 51.2V 100Ah Lithium Batteries which each deliver a 5.12kWh capacity.

Power is stored in Parallelable Hybrid Parity Inverters which work with single phase and three phase environments.

Lithium Batteries (CATL 100Ah)

Sunsynk have produced a perfect storage solution. The module consists of Lithium ferro phosphate rechargeable batteries with 5.12kWh capacity rated at 51.2V 100Ah with a built-in battery management system.

The battery can be expected to remain serviceable for more than 10 years and this takes into consideration that it is charged and discharged once per day at room temperature (25°C).

Lithium ferro phosphate batteries provide excellent thermal stability and storage. The module also incorporates a self-monitoring function for the detection of any abnormalities in power storage.

Parallelable Hybrid Parity Inverters

A highly efficient power management tool that allows the user to hit those ‘Parity’ targets by managing power coming from multiple sources such as solar, mains grid and power generator and then effectively storing and releasing electric power as the utilities require.


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