We're passionate about empowering you with the best
solar and battery powered energy systems available on the market.

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Our products & services are underpinned by the best alternative energy solutions available on the market. From basic residential backup to enterprise-scale off grid systems, our trustworthy team can handle it.

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Our residential solutions range from all-in-one systems such as the Tesla Powerwall, all the way up to fully fledged hybrid systems that incorporate solar geysers, solar panels, inverters, batteries and more.
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Our business solutions are focused around mitigating business disturbance and allowing you to scale. We assess, design, install & maintain your custom solution to keep you optimised and profitable.
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Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer

Trained to install Powerwall and adhere to strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements.

The feeling of sustainability. self-sufficiency.

Powerwall’s lithium ion battery utilises Tesla’s proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically.

An integrated inverter reduces external components, which simplifies and lowers installation costs. Powerwall is a completely automated system that requires no maintenance.

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